Michael Luczaj

Photographer, videographer, content creator


Michael “Beachmonkey” Luczaj has a thriving career that spans over 15 years, Michael has established himself as one of the most sought-after names in the industry. Throughout his journey, he has had the privilege of photographing some of the most celebrated artists and capturing the essence of many music festivals. Not only that, but he has immortalized the unique moments of hundreds of thousands of individuals through his extraordinary fan photos.


Michael is a visionary in the field, credited with coining the term “social photography.” This innovative concept blends the art of photography with fan interaction, creating an unparalleled client experience. His work transcends traditional photography, offering a personal touch that resonates deeply with his clientele.


In the vibrant Myrtle Beach market, the name “beachmonkey” is well known and highly regarded. Almost everyone in the area has been graced with Michael’s skilled lens, and many proudly post the photographs throughout social media.


What sets Michael apart is his remarkable ability to capture candid moments that seamlessly blend art with life. His photographs reveal the innate beauty of everyone, portraying them in their best possible light. Michael’s artistry is a testament to his genuine inspiration to find beauty in every person and show them their best possible selves.


Each session with Michael is a testament to his unparalleled expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and passion for the art of photography. With more than 15 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to every photoshoot. Beyond his technical prowess, Michael ensures that the entire interaction with clients is enjoyable and memorable, making each experience truly exceptional.


In the world of photography, Michael “Beachmonkey” Luczaj has created a legacy defined by his artful approach, unwavering passion, and dedication to his clients’ satisfaction. His work continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of stepping in front of his lens.



Slava Vasylkovska

Photographer, videographer, social media guru


Slava is a talented photographer originally from Ukraine, whose passion for art and fashion was ignited during her early childhood. As a teenager, she ventured into the world of photography, exploring both sides of the lens as a model and photographer.


The fusion of her modeling and photography experiences grants Slava a distinctive vision, instilling each client interaction with a fresh perspective. With an innate sense of style, she effortlessly adds a fashionable touch to every photo shoot, putting elegance and grace into her work.


Adventurous and inventive, Slava continuously seeks new poses, locations, and styles to enrich her portfolio and create unforgettable experiences for her clients. Her creativity knows no bounds, ensuring that each shoot is infused with a sense of innovation and uniqueness.


Beyond her artistic prowess, Slava possesses an innate ability to establish a deep connection with her clients, making them feel at ease and connected during the photography process. With her warm and welcoming approach, each photo shoot becomes a joyous and enjoyable experience, resulting in genuine and heartfelt captures.


Through her artistry, Slava brings a blend of fashion, creativity, and genuine human connection to her photography. Each frame reflects her love for both the craft and the people she works with, leaving her clients with timeless and cherished memories of their journey together.