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Family and Group Photography


Discover the magic of Myrtle Beach through our expert lens, as we skillfully capture the essence of your family’s special moments, creating enduring memories to be treasured for generations. Our local expertise ensures we know all the picture-perfect spots to provide the ideal atmosphere for your family photo shoot. Even if inclement weather strikes, fear not! Our exclusive photography studio overlooking the beach and ocean ensures breathtaking backup options.

Secure your time slot and embark on an unforgettable journey to preserve your family’s love and laughter in the stunning backdrop of Myrtle Beach.

Our mini-session is ideal for families seeking a seamless and efficient experience, it delivers excellence in just 20 minutes. With a focus on simple yet stunning poses, you’ll receive up to 15 digitally downloadable photos, granting you full printing and social media posting rights. Preserve your cherished moments effortlessly and share them with the world, all in a brief and delightful session.

Our full session is perfect if you are seeking a more personalized experience or for groups 15 people and above. Lasting a full hour, this extended session allows us to delve into the heart of your family’s uniqueness, creating candid and heartfelt photos. With up to 40 digitally downloadable images, you’ll have the liberty to print and share these cherished memories on social media, forever celebrating the love and joy that defines your family.

Our super session allows you to unlock the full spectrum of creativity with our Super Session, tailored for families seeking a truly individualistic photo shoot. Embrace the freedom of multiple outfit changes and diverse locations, as we expertly capture your family’s essence in a range of poses that truly reflect your personalities. Lasting two hours, this immersive experience allows for an extensive exploration of your family’s dynamic spirit. With up to 80 digitally downloadable images, you’ll have a treasure trove of memories to cherish, print, and share on social media. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to express your uniqueness and celebrate the joy that binds your family together, creating everlasting memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

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Introducing our streamlined pricing model. it is tailored to meet your needs and your budget. Experience the perfect blend of affordability and quality as we offer premium photography and top-notch service for your cherished moments.

Mini Session


up to 2 people
$10 each extra person
20 minutes
15 edited photos
Groups of 15 or less

Full Session


Up to 2 people
$10 each extra person
60 minutes
40 edited photos
more time for creativity

Super Session


up to 2 people
$15 each extra person
60 minutes
80 edited photos
multiple outfits/locations

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